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TG Gym & Wellness offers a wide range of Classes

At 2,500sq ft we have a fabulous range of mind and body experiences from yoga, pilates, boxfit, step, spin, pump, stretch, circuit training, barre’, strength and HIIT classes.

HIIT Class

HIIT- This high energy cardio and strength based class for all abilities guarantees to improve your all round fitness and mood. 

Barre Class

A fusion of dance, fitness and Pilates, Barre is a high energy, low impact workout to discover your inner dancer and work your body from top to toe!

Using small props and the baller barre you will challenge your strength, mobility and work on your cardiovascular fitness. This class is open to ALL levels with no dance experience needed, just a can do attitude and a smile required (if you like)!

Fitness, strength and mobility

With our ultimate combination of workout classes not only will you build on your fitness, health and well-being but you’ll have fun doing it!

Discover everything from our sweat-inducing Spin and Intense 30 HIIT classes, to the relaxing restoration of Pure Stretch, the strength-building Pump & Tone and our energetic and stress-relieving Boxfit.

Whatever it is you’re looking for, you’re sure to find a class you’ll keep coming back to.

Bootcamp Class

My bootcamp class is a full body workout making you fitter, stronger and the best version of yourself in a fun and friendly environment for all abilities. 

Esther Abrey - Sport Yoga Class at TGgym and Wellness - Henley on Thames

Sports yoga / Sports stretch 

Sports yoga combines spinal articulation, stability, and mobility to keep you moving and playing as you need to. Sessions are anatomy centred, with adapted functional approaches to traditional yoga postures, and stabilising work, and a focus on healthy range of movement and mobility work. 

These sessions are for you if you

  • think you are too inflexible for yoga
  • keep getting injured in your sport
  • are looking to maintain and improve healthy range of movement in your body
  • are looking to strengthen and stabilise, and learn how to work with your body, rather than against it

Sports yoga will support your passion, shown to reduce injury recovery as well as supporting injury prevention, while balancing your training. In the words of Premier League footballers (whose yoga coach Esther has trained with)

“Yoga had a big effect and it helped me carry on playing until I was 40. It helps to prevent injuries and makes you more supple and flexible. That’s why I still do it today.”

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Our range of cardio equipment, including treadmills, cross trainers, stair climbers, steppers, exercise bikes and rowing machines, will improve your endurance and stamina.