Sophia Preidel - Class Instructor at TGgym and Wellness - Henley on Thames

Sophia Preidel

About Sophia

I love movement. And I love the feeling of having a strong and supple enough body to move freely through life without sustaining any injuries. I want to share exactly that feeling with my clients – a feeling of working hand in hand with your body, rather than against it. I am interested in finding the perfect balance – building muscle and creating strength and stability, but at the same not bulking up and becoming stuck. Instead, I want to also enhance my clients’ spatial awareness, mobility, balance, and flexibility.

With over a decade of professional dance experience, I combine my movement skills and expertise of the body with Pilates principles and exercises, as well as the hugely successful barre workout method.


  • Qualified STOTT Pilates instructor (Matwork Essential / Intermediate)
  • Qualified barrecore instructor
  • Stage diploma at Iwanson School for Contemporary Dance in Munich, Germany

Body conditioning – Strength and Mobility

My class is a unique blend of a barre workout, a Pilates session and, thanks to my background in contemporary dance, some movement to increase stamina and flexibility. But don’t be put off by this – no improvisation is required. All movement is 100% led by me with the aim of introducing new pathways to the spine and the whole body. The barre workout method, mainly using the body’s own weight, is perfect for strengthening the whole body (deep core, outer abdominals, legs, glutes and arms) without bulking up, or putting unnecessary strain on joints and muscles.

Together we will build long, lean muscles, as well as improve flexibility and coordination.