Angie Best - Exercise Therapist at TGgym and Wellness - Henley on Thames

Angie Best

About Angie

70 is the new 50 – Angie Best’s tag line.

Angie wants to continue sharing all the knowledge and understanding she has of the female form and how to shape it accordingly.

Drawing on Angie’s 40-year career in health and fitness – she has trained an array of celebrities including Sharon Stone to Daryl Hannah and even toured with superstar Cher as her personal trainer for many years. Angie has written a series of books for women over 40, including one regarding menopause called A Change for the Best.

When Angie returned to her fitness career, she produced and stared in her own workout videos, and appeared on TV shows and series for Sky and other broadcasters.

Angie is ready to take on some new clients so please feel free to drop her a message to enquire. Remember 70 is the new 50! Let’s not waste it, let Angie get you ready for summer. 

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